Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Power of the Mod

Over on Gamasutra they are reporting that a new program at the University of Gotland in Sweden is going to be focused on the modding aspect of gaming. From the site:

The University of Gotland in Sweden is opening a program in game development that focuses on user-created mods, such as Counter-Strike for Half-Life or the Duct Tape mod for Doom 3. Students in the interdisciplinary program will work with each other as well as remotely with students from other parts of the world. "We are excited to give all the talented MODders, artists, programmers and game enthusiast a platform to work together that will enable them to use professional methods to produce MODs for the worlds leading games," Said Troels Linde, Senior Lecturer and head of the new program for the University of Gotland.

I think that this is important for several reasons. Mainly, the mod community has just recently become mainstream and is now starting to really be recognized. Creating a game is a huge challenge now for designers, artists and programmers. If you are not a professional in the game industry you will likely never have the time, money or tools to create a main stream game. However, modders can take what the professionals do and build off of that. It gives students and hobbyists a chance to create fun and compelling games. We should see some very cool and interesting ideas coming out of this program.

Also the program is built to be distributed world wide and is fully "distance based". It is geared to help promote borderless projects and open communication lines among students and employers. Very exciting.



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